List: Top 10 Iron Producing Countries

Our planet earth is full of numerous natural resources including jewels and precious minerals each and every metal is important as every metal has its own significance and application. today we will discuss the top 10 countries producing iron at the top. From these natural resources gold, silver and diamonds are considered world’s expensive god-given gifts. Iron ore is not much expensive but it is more useful than all other metals and stands out at the first number due to its high usability in industry. Basically iron ore is found in raw form with mixture of other rocks and most of times Metallic-Iron is being extracted which is rich in the ironic oxides containing Fe3O4 and Fe2O. During the collection period, iron ore is not found only in a single color but it is seen in various metallic colors such as bright yellow, rusty-red, dark grey and deep purple etc these are then melted and purified by blast furnace metallurgy process with help of huge industries and plants.Fundamental iron industries have great impact on the economy of top iron extracting countries. it also acts as essential constituent In the steel production, the pig iron is required  as raw mineral which is made of raw ore. Its utilization has seen in various sectors of life such as in the automobiles, maritime instruments, industries and in engineering purposes.

Top 10 Iron Producing Countries List

Due to large industries and population requirements china dominates and comes first in the list,  Australia is amazingly at second place beating worlds top populated countries Brazil and India , ranking statistics list of Top 10 Iron Producing Countries is given below.

iron production by country

Rank Country Production
(Thousands of Tonnes)
1. China 900,000
2. Australia 420,000
3. Brazil 370,000
4. India 260,000
5. Russia 100,000
6. Ukraine 72,000
7. South Africa 55,000
8. United States 49,000
9. Canada 35,000
10. Iran 33,000

Q : Which country produces most iron in the world?

Ans :Due to the major rise in its demand, the production has also increased all around the world but China is reported to be the largest producer of crude-iron than all other countries around the world. In a recent survey China produced around 9, 00,000 thousands of tones.

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