Which Country Eats the Most Ice Cream in the World

Ice Cream Brands

 Ice cream is made through freezing the fresh dairy products and liked by all age groups mostly  children then youth and some of the old people too like this sweet product. Different countries had used their own terms, some nations considered it by frozen custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and many nations use the term gelato. Have you even imagined which country consumes or eats the most ice cream? or what are the countries that are producing it at the most in the world? Following is a list top five nations statistics that are reported to consume the highest quantity of ice cream.

Top 5 Countries with Highest Ice Cream Consumption in the World

1.United States

United States ice cream

Same like the biggest consumption of fast food products resulting the highest obesity rates in the world, United States has also the highest consumption rates of ice cream as compared to all the countries around the globe. If you got any chance to visit the United States you will rarely find anyone who don’t eat the ice cream there. American people love to have it that is the main reason of its highest consumption rate. According to a research almost 26 liters  are consumed per year by a single individual. The interesting thing is the 98% household are using it.

2.New Zealand

New Zealand ice cream

New Zealand followed by the Australia has the highest consumption rate people used different varieties and flavors and every people eats almost 23 litters annually. New Zealand is a well-educated country in the world. Here the most consumed flavors are termed as hokey and pokey which are made of Vanilla.Chocolate and strawberry flavors are also commonly used by kids.



Australian people are not behind the other countries here is also the highest consumption rate almost 18 liters are used by a single person annually. Warm weather conditions are considered ideal for tasting it. but here  seasons doesn’t affects its consumption rate. Australia has a good reputation for the tourists because of having the most beautiful attractive places so it is the 8th country which is earning most on tourism in the world.



Denmark is considered one of the countries having the highest employment rates in the world, about 76% people are employed and working at their own job, so it is given the seventh rank in the list of top ten richest countries of the world. Denmark has the fourth rank for the highest usage in the world almost 9 liters of ice cream are consumed by a single person every year.



Belgium is officially recognized as the kingdom of Belgium which is the preliminary member of European Union City of Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It is famous for a modern brand of beer and waffles. Here is also the highest consumption of Ice Cream in the world. According to a recent survey here six liters of ice cream are consumed by a single inhabitant . Belgium is a largest agricultural exporter in the world so almost 9013 million dollars of exports took place every year in Belgium. like fast food, ice cream is considered to be the daily essential cold food for the kids and teens here.

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