Countries with the Highest Salaries for School Teachers

Countries with the Highest Salaries for Teachers


Teaching can said to be one of the most respectable and reputable profession in the world. it has much importance as he builds a nation’s pillar. a good teacher is the key behind the success of  his every knowledgeable student . many countries appreciate the teachers by rewarding them with good salaries thus today we are presenting here the top ten countries with highest salaries for school teachers. For the school level in developing and developed nations, There are two major types of teachers first one is primary and the 2nd one is secondary school teacher. Both have diversity among their pay scales, working hours as well as their salaries.

We have observed a better literacy rate and major development in most educated countries in the world as this is plus point of benefits that different nations give higher school teachers  for their educational skills and services. Although It is assured that mostly better paid teachers produces a better educated student.this is the world fact and cannot be denied we all know a fed tummy can think much better than an empty stomach, so the nation builders should be encouraged by rewarding attractive salary. in spite of all above discussions many nations pay such attractive salaries to their high school teachers as well as they also provide many other facilities. Following is a list of top 10 nations having the highest starting salaries for their high school teachers.

List of  Top 10 Countries with Highest Salaries for Teachers

Rank Country Average Starting Salary
(in US Dollars)
1. Luxembourg 80,053.00
2. Switzerland 64,450.00
3. Germany 55,743.00
4. Denmark 47,664.00
5. Spain 46,609.00
6. Netherlands 39,400.00
7. Norway 38,950.00
8. United States 36,907.00
9. Ireland 36,433.00
10. Finland 35,743.00


Q: Which Country pay the highest starting salary to the high school teachers?

Ans : At present Luxembourg is the nation paying the highest starting salaries to the secondary education level.

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