Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates

Top Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates
Obesity is a medical problem in which human body  becomes over fat and weight is increased up to a dangerous level.This is very harmful disease which increases the life expectancy of a person and become the cause of several diseases. So it can be said , a major cause of morality. There are several causes of this disease out of which the major origins are given below:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Genetics

Obesity does not required a specific age, almost all types of ages are effected including children, adult old people all are facing this problem in most developed countries. In accordance to an estimate  20% of children and 65% of adults have overweight in the world. Following is a list of top ten countries having the highest obesity rates around the globe. these are the fattest countries in the world or you can say nations with most fat and overweight people.  carried out a survey and found that the top reason behind fatness is excess of fast food which carry  large number of calories and harmful fats. there are numerous small islands and small nations worldwide which have higher rate of obesity but below we are only mentioning large and notable countries.

List of Top 10 Countries with the Highest Obesity Rates in the World


Rank Country Obese population aged 15 or more
(OECD Countries)
1. UNITED STATES FLAGUnited States 30.6
2. mexicoMexico 24.2
3. Uk flagUnited Kingdom 23.0
4. Slovakia flagSlovakia 22.4
5. GreeceGreece 21.9
6. AustraliaAustralia 21.7
7. New Zealand flagNew Zealand 20.9
8. Hungary flagHungary 18.8
9. Luxembourg flagLuxembourg 18.4
10. Czech Republic flagCzech Republic 14.8

Q : In which country The Obesity rate is highest in the World ?

Ans : from above table,  United States of America has the Highest Obesity rate in the world

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