Top 10 Countries Best for Child Care

best countries for child care

Some developing nations and undeveloped countries child care is not assured due to the several  reasons like child labor, little or no education, rites etc thus children are insecure with less mind growing potential.positive point is that the some NGO and the Governments are taking many steps to protect the children who are underage. It is essential for the encouragement of Child as well as their family. Although at the modern age, humanity has got much facilitated with latest innovations and necessities still a high level percentage of children in the world have to face lot of troubles and they are at the odds situation. Children are heaps trapped into the worst difficulties. Following are the major anxieties faced by them.

Major Confront Troubles faced by Child

  • Due to some economical and financial problems children are enforced for the labor in order to survive their own as well as their family’s life. It looks into the poor and developing nations.
  • Child sexual Abuse
  • Physical punishments
  • Imprisonment for common crimes

As a result of the above problems Many nations took necessary steps to prevent the child-faced problems of present time. Following is a list of top ten countries which are considered most secured for children and best nations for child care in the world.

below is a list of best Countries For Child care

List of Top 10 Most Safe Countries for the Children in the World 


Rank Country Best For Children
1. Japan
2. Spain
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. France
6. Canada
7. Switzerland
8. Norway
9. United Kingdom
10. Netherlands


Q : Which country is best for the child care in the world?

Ans : At present Japan is the best nation for child protection in the world because Japanese Government Took much steps for the welfare and safety of children and provides a lot of child care facilitates .

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