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In a particular country the system of a money for general use is called currency. Different nations have different currencies with differences in their values. In accordance to an estimate, On 1st March 2013 a list of 42 countries was prepared which have the cheapest valued currencies in the world. These currencies are compared to the U.S.D (United States Dollar).

Until April 2007, Zimbabwean Dollar was the lowest and cheapest  in the world. So that Zimbabwe suspended its official currency and start using USD and South African Rand.










At present Iran Has the cheapest and lowest worth currency in the world. It is located in Western Asia which is the 18th largest country in the world by its area. Its population is  approximately 75 million.Tehran is its capital as well as the largest city. Persian is the official language. its GDP is $990.219 billion.Its official currency i Iranian Rial which has the lowest value. Its abbreviation is IRR.

5000 IRR

 USD 1 = 12,241 IRR.

Complete List of 42 Countries


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