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cheapest currency

Different nations have different currencies with differences in their values based on the outcomes of economy and financial system of the country.On 1st of March 2013 a list of 42 countries was prepared which have the cheapest valued currencies in the world. These currencies are compared to the U.S.D (United States Dollar) until April 2007; Zimbabwean Dollar was the lowest and cheapest bill in the world, So they suspended their official currency and start using USD and South African Rand. then the title of lowest valued currency was given to Iran. can you answer why currency-unit loses its value and importance? The answer is simply easy, actually following factors are responsible for money value decline: government financial policies, internal and foreign investments, share holders, country’s economy, role of banks, import & exports : All of these effect the money bill, either in positive or negative way.

Top 10 Lowest Currencies Comparison & Rankings at Glance


Rank Currencies Comparison with
U.S dollar
1. Iranian rial USD 1 = IRR 24,576
2. Somali shilling USD 1 = SOS 22,000
3. Vietnamese dong USD 1 = VND 20,837
4. São Tomé and Príncipe dobra USD 1 = STD 18,770
5. Indonesian rupiah USD 1 = IDR 9,593.0
6. Belarusian ruble USD 1 = BYR 8,593.0
7. Lao kip USD 1 = LAK 7,966.0
8. Guinean franc USD 1 = GNF 6,692.6
9. North Korean won USD 1 = KPW 6,300
10. Zambian Kwacha USD 1 = ZMK 5,249.9

  • Nori

    Vietnamese? it’s the cheapest actually. i think

  • abdi

    Waan ka xumahay run ahaan tii lacagta somaliyeed in aay gashay labaad

  • Onasvi

    My goodness I m shocked actually because Iran is good in development and otherside it cheap in currency

    • wajahat

      Reason becuz Iran is not dog of USA like other they hate USA I mean there money films product everything head off to Iran

  • musha daina

    wow pakistan has grate currency

  • musha daina

    good love all pakistanis

  • mahdi azari

    iran has two tow of money .irrial and toma. toman has a zero less than rial and so we can say that

  • Robert Woodring

    What is the most expensive currency in the world? Any guesses? No its not US Dollar.

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    Thanks dear you gave me required information to proceed .

  • Ali

    this needs to be updated, the belarusian ruble just hit 21660

    • RickyTheFish

      As of this exact moment (11/Feb/16, 17:39 UTC) it’s 1 USD:22062.50 BYR. It’s getting worse by the minute.

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