List of Arabic Speaking Countries in the World

list of arabic speaking countries in the world

With more than three million speakers, Arabic عربي stands among the major languages on the planet today. It is not only used as mother language, but it is also spoken in the countries that are not Arabic. Apart from Chad, which is an African country, there are several other nations where it is used as a minority language. These countries include Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Iran. During the period of 1974, Arabic got the status of sixth official dialects of United Nations. More than one billion people living in different countries such as India, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Indonesia are learning the Arabic as a religious language.Before we list Arabic speaking nations, we will review some history and origin.

History and Spread of Arabic  in the world
The Arabic language belongs to the group of languages that is known as Afro-Asiatic, a combination of more than 300 different dialects. However, from these languages some are paying their role as marginally while, on the other hand, some languages are used as the liturgical dialects.

Since the start of 8th century, the Islamic Arab Empire spread from Persia to the Spain, After a short span of time, a major portion of people living in Iran that were using Persian and Aramaic started using Arabic as their primary literature language. So it made the Arabic Language more significant in the countryside when it was being used in poetry, it increased the number of speakers.

Map & List of Arabic Speaking Nations

 Today around 16 countries are using Arabic as their sole official language (authentic) while, on the other hand, there are some countries that are using it as their co-official language.

map of the countries using arabic as their official languageBelow is a table exhibiting the catalog of countries where it is used as the sole official language.

 List of Countries(with Capitals) Where Arabic is Used As Sole Official Language

Sr.No. Country Capital Population
1. Algeria Algiers 32,277,942
2. Bahrain Manama 807,000
3. Egypt Cairo 86,421,826
4. Jordan Amman 6,407,085
5. Oman Muscat 2,845,000
6. Tunisia Tunis  10,432,500
7. Syria Damascus  22,505,000
8. Kuwait Kuwait City  3,566,437
9. Lebanon Beirut 4,224,000
10. Libya Tripoli  6,420,000
11. Mauritania Nouakchott 3,291,000
12. Palestine RAMALLAH,
East Jerusalem
13. Qatar Doha 1,696,563
14. Saudi Arabia Riyadh 25,731,776
15. United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 4,975,593
16. Yemen Sana’a 23,580,000


In the above-listed nations, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan and Morocco are the most populated Arabian countries where Arabic is used as the sole official language.  Below is a list showing the countries where it is used as co-official language.

Egypt claims to be world's most populated arabian country

List of Countries (& Capitals) Where Arabic is Used As Co-Official Language (plus other dialect)

Sr. No Country Capital Population
1. Chad N’Djamena 10,329,208
2. Comoros Moroni 691,000
3. Djibouti Djibouti 864,000
4. Eritrea Asmara 5,224,000
5. Iraq Baghdad 31,234,000
6. Israel Jerusalem 7,653,600
7. Morocco Rabat 32,200,000
8. Somalia Mogadishu 9,359,000
9. Sudan Khartoum 43,939,598


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