Top 10 Poorest Countries in Europe

list of top ten poorest countries in europe continent

Europe is widely famous as one of the richest continents on the planet; the majority of developed nations are spotted in this area. The countries such as Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and many other wealthiest countries are present in Europe. The fact is that, some poorest countries are also present here. we will surely describe each of the 10 poorest European countries in detail.

Do you know which the poorest country in Europe is?

In this rundown, Moldova stands on the first spot being the most poorest European country having lowest Per capita GDP. According to 2014 estimates, it’s per Capita GDP was amounted $3,800. Later than the termination of Soviet Union, Moldova gained the independence in 1991. Moldova is entirely relying on its agricultural exports to the other countries. As a result, majority of its occupants are employed by its agricultural sector. The economy of this poorest European nation is too low to enjoy the highest quality of life by its inhabitants. Contrary to the other European countries, the living standard of this nation is extremely low making it at the number One spot in this rundown.


After dividing the per capita GDP to the total number of inhabitants, this ranking list is prepared by keeping the sequence of Per Capita GDP, made by Central Intelligence Agency. Below is the quick overlook on the most poverty ridden countries in Europe.

List of Top Ten Poorest European Countries 2015
Rank Country Capital GDP
(Per Capita )
1. Moldova Chișinău $3,800
2. Ukraine Kiev $7,400
3. Kosovo Pristina $7,600
4. Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo $8,300
5. Albania Tirana $10,700
6. Macedonia Skopje $10,800
7. Serbia Belgrade $11,100
8. Montenegro Podgorica $11,900
9. Bulgaria Sofia $16,041
10. Romania Bucharest $18,365


Getting the second spot in the list of top ten poorest European countries, the country is not other than Ukraine, which is surrounded by Russia to the East side and Poland to the Western boundaries. In 1991, it was considered a part of Soviet Union but later on during the same year, it got the independence after the closure of Soviet Union. With the highest number of population on the entire continent, Ukraine has the largest military power. Nevertheless, in spite of its huge population and military power, it still stands on the second spot in the poorest European nations list.



Just behind Ukraine, The Republic of Kosovo is the third poorest European country in this ranking list. It is a small nation spotted just between Macedonia and Serbia. It covers the overall land area of 10,887 square kilometers. In its history, The Ottoman Empire had much significance because Kosovo ruled this nation for the five centuries. According to 2013, figures, $7,600 Per Capita GDP are making it the third poorest country in the Europe continent. Economy of Kosovo totally depends on the foreign aid and the remittances of Diaspora, which are settled in Switzerland and Germany.