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  • list of asian countries

    Countries List

    List of All Asian Countries and Their Capitals

    Our Planet earth is divided into seven different continents. From these seven continents Asia is world’s largest and most populated continent if compared to the...

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    Which TV Channels are Broadcasting FIFA World Cup 2014

    The Soccer lovers! Get ready for watching the thrilling matches of FIFA world cup 2014. This is 20th world cup that is selected to be...

  • Strongest Country in africa contientn

    Rich Countries

    Which Country is Most Powerful in Africa

    When it comes to the important continents in the world, Africa cannot be put behind the conversation. It is the second most cultivated and prime...

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    Which Country McDonald’s Belongs To?

    Ranked as number 1 fast food company, McDonald’s corporation is serving throughout the world and a recent survey showed that it is amusing more than 68...

  • natural gas

    Natural Resources

    List of Top 10 Natural Gas Producing Countries

    The fossil fuel composed mainly of methane, various alkanes and relatively lesser amounts nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is one of the most used...

  • chicken production by country


    Top Chicken Producers in the world

      Basically, the poultry farming is the art of  raising domestic birds such as ducks, chickens and turkeys and then selling them to the market....

  • best places to visit in europe


    Top 10 Best Countries to Visit in Europe

    Traveling for pleasure & leisure is the essence of the excursion, it can be seen by & large as going hand in hand. Tourism is...

  • red dried onion


    Which Country Produces Most Onion in the World

    There are number of vegetables that are used and grown worldwide today we will have a look on Top ten onion producing countries in the...

  • africa


    Top 5: Most Effective & High Valued African Currencies

    In ancient days, when people were not aware of the currency, then the barter system was used for exchanging goods and services , later on...

  • Hottest Countries in the world


    List of Top Ten Hottest Countries in the World

    When you are talking about the perfect weather conditions, there are multiple factors involved in making the weather perfect. Some people like the warm weather...